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Everyone at Exuberance is a fundraiser, and proud of it.

We bring skills from advertising, marketing, journalism, performing arts and television production to your briefs. That experience adds richness and depth to  our work for clients.


We may be creative types, but you can talk data and tech at us and we won’t flinch. We may even get excited.


Mary Anne Plummer

Creative Director and Founder

Mary Anne found her place in the positive social change sector after warm-up years in journalist and advertising. She is a clear-thinker and straight-talker, capable of cutting through the most complex communications challenges. Mary Anne is an enthusiastic presenter and trainer. She knows her way around most fundraising products and communications channels, so her strategic input is very useful.


Christopher King

Creative Director and Copywriter

Chris King gave up his flash job in advertising in London to work for the NFP sector in Australia. The move gifted us with a talented creative who’s equally comfortable talking your CEO through a campaign, collaborating with your team on creative strategy, or crafting powerful copy. Chris is based in Melbourne when he’s not protecting chooks and rescuing lambs on a farm in the middle of nowhere.


Felicity Kitson

Senior Copywriter

Felicity’s rough first drafts are better than most people’s final product. She has beautiful writing skills and a heart to match – which means you get lovingly-crafted and insightful copy when Felicity writes it. She is an assured, experienced writer for the not-for-profit sector, with many record-breaking campaigns under her belt. Felicity is also a performing artist, and a campaigner for social, environmental and animal justice issues.


Chris West

Design Partner

Chris can design just about anything. Need a great new logo? A motorbike? A direct mail campaign, press ad or hallway stand? You got it. His design always looks smart and appealing, and is created with the needs of the audience in mind. Chris is also an excellent problem-solver, who makes taking your work from concept to production easier.


Ines Habben

Business Manager

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The broader Exuberance ecosystem includes subject matter experts and suppliers who complement our creative offering.


They are people with whom we share values and excellent working relationships.

We collaborate to give our clients the best possible combination of skills and expertise – and the best value for your investment in us. 

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